Gummybears made with Human DNA

René – September 08, 2011 at 06:12PM

Wissenschaftler haben Hefe mit menschlicher DNA gekreuzt und daraus Gelatine gewonnen, die vielleicht demnächst die tierischen Zutaten in Süßigkeiten ersetzen könnten. Das Ergebnis wären Gummibärchen mit menschlicher DNA. w00t?!

This may sound like science fiction, yet a new technique for making gelatin from human DNA is attracting “increasing interest from research and industrial circles”, according to a new study by scientists from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The paper, published recently in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, revealed that successful experiments had been carried out in which human genes were inserted into a strain of yeast to “grow” large amounts of recombinant (genetically engineered) human gelatin.

Gelatin has a long history of use as a gelling agent by the food industry – and, according to the journal’s publisher, the American Chemical Society, human-derived gelatin “could become a substitute for some of the 300,000 tons of animal-based gelatin produced annually for desserts, marshmallows, candy and innumerable other products”.

Do you fancy a jelly baby made from human DNA? (via Geekosystem, Bild: Head transplant gummy bears von ellajphillips)

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