The next interview, meeting the parents.

One day you get a phone call from the Human Resources representative and you try to schedule a meeting with the director/VP/CEO/Whoever (depending on the size of the company and/or the position you are looking for), you open your diary, and make the appointment.
The day of the appointment arrives. What did I wear the last time? Who cares?
You are on your way, arriving five minutes ahead of time. You wait for half an hour (some one at the reception tells you that your interviewer is very busy). You enter the room and after a short small talk you, again, half automatically, spill the story of your life, only this time the other side is less interested in the technical side and more on the personal side, who you are. Obviously you have very intelligent questions about the company; you did not waste your time last night studying it for two hours (again). After an hour the meeting ends, your interviewer would have loved to continue this meeting but he is late for his next appointment. And again, you crawl into your car, looking for a place with drinkable coffee.
I have promised an idea for a start-up; actually a micro start-up. A Job Hunt Management Application (JoHuMa). An application where I could manage all the information about my job hunt activity. I can’t do it with a dairy and I hate Excel. I need a place where I can access

  • (yet another) resume generator (in hResume format please) that I can send as a link with a download as Word document and a printable version (for the stupid people who need to chop trees)
  • A list of people/companies I’ve sent my resume too with an option to write a follow up
  • A calendar for meetings
  • A list of companies I’ve interviewed at with address with a link to a map + normal coffee shop nearby , contact person name + phone + image, referral to the company, a summary of every interview (data, place, with whom, what did I wear, summary)
  • Email reminders
  • The usual entourage – blog, forum
  • Money you will get from ads/cooperation with one of many services that exists around job hunting

A very simple design + PHP + mySQL + JavaScript. I’m more then willing to be your developer, but I will do it for money, lots of money + a cut in the business

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