“It is not you, it is us”, or “The Letter”

It has been a few days since the interview at (enter company name here), and you have almost forgot about them. Since the interview you had a few other interviews with other companies.

Now one of a few things will happen:

1st scenario: The company vanishes. You do not hear from them. They do not call/email/text you. And you do not really care, you went to the interview only to brush your interview skills, it has been a while since your last interview. But still, should you call them? How does it look if you will call them? How does it look if you will not call them? Should you care? No.

2nd Scenario: You get the letter. You do not really need to open it to know what is inside. If they want you they will call you and invite you for another interview (and another and another and another). I think they all copied the letter from the same place (did they Google it and clicked the “I feel lucky button”?). It is always something along the line of “It is not you it is us.” kind of letter. O.K. it is you. No, I do not believe it you, it is me. But why? Why? Give me a reason? Did I flanked the exam? Am I over qualified? Under qualified? Did I sweat like a pig at the talk with the Human Resources representative? Was I dressed inappropriately? Was I over dressed? Did I asked for too much money? Reason, give me a reason!

I know the companies have no reason to give me a reason. I know it is in the companies interests to hide the reason (they do not want to be sued) . But do a dude a favor, give him a bone, a hint, something.

The 3rd Scenario is another interview or the 2nd date where you get to meet the parents. I’ll write about it on the next post, plus I have an idea for a start up (who does not have one?), I will pitch it to you, bu first I have to think about it.

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